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Why Is It Humid in My Home? A Dehumidifier Can Help

As Orlando residents, humidity is something we are used to almost year round. Summer months make for the hottest and most humid days of the year here. Most folks tend to consider humidity to be an outdoor problem. Often, humidity is not something people think about being inside of their homes. However, chronic indoor humidity can have effects on both your comfort and sometimes your health.


In central Florida, high humidity can make hot days feel a lot hotter. It’s because the higher humidity levels are, the higher the evaporation point of liquid will be. Sweat will take longer to evaporate, which means your body will have a harder time keeping cool.
One of the main issues with chronically high humidity is that it will promote mold growth throughout your home. For example, it can affect your walls and areas under your sinks. It’s never good to breathe in mold spores, since some types of mold found in the home can cause things like asthma and other respiratory problems. One of our goals at Action Air is to address all air quality issues and keep your air clean for your family. 


A dehumidifier helps correct high humidity levels in your home through one of the different methods. The most common method involves lowering the temperature in your ducts past the dew point, so that the air deposits its excess moisture in the dehumidifier. The air is then warmed back up to room temperature and released back into the home. This allows you to maintain proper climate control without having to deal with chronic humidity. There are other methods, of course, but you should call Action Air of Florida to get an in-home air conditioner inspection.
If the air in your home feels damp or your ac is blowing moldy smelling air, please give us a call at (407) 521-0400. We are your preferred Orlando AC repair company! 


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