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How to Tell If You Need Your AC Replaced

AC Replacement
It can be difficult to know if you need replacement or repair of your AC system. There are some signs that indicate that expert help is required to inspect your unit. Here are a few of these to look out for:
Poor or Unbalanced Cooling
If your AC system is not cooling the air at all, you need to have it checked. A lower than normal air flow is also something not to be ignored. Insufficient and unbalanced cooling is where the system is making the air cold in some rooms but not in others. If any of these options occur, it is best to seek professional guidance.
Strange Smells and Sounds
If these are not bad, it might be tempting to ignore them if the unit is still working. However, you should have it looked at right away to ensure that further damage is not done to your system.
Refrigerant Is Leaking
Leaks and unusual pooling of water around your air conditioner are also an indication that something is not working quite right. If it is refrigerant that is leaking, this can present a great health concern to people and pets.
If you have any doubt as to whether your air conditioning system is working properly, have it examined for your own peace of mind. These kinds of problems can be costly if ignored. For more information on how to determine if you need AC replacement, call Action Air of Florida today.


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